An extensible scouting application for FIRST Robitics Competition

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What is SuperScouter?

SuperScouter is a scouting platform that supports iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. The server component currently is Windows only, but that may change in the future.

Current Server Version: 1.1.0

What makes SuperScouter "Super"?

Unlike every other scouting app, SuperScouter was designed from the ground up to support "customizable schemas". That means that each team can create a "schema" using the Schema Designer on the server application that defines what data to collect. This makes SuperScouter unique in that it does not require a brand new app each year. This allows development to focus on adding new features instead of re-creating the same thing each year.

How do the apps communicate with the server?

Schema Downloading

Schema downloading is only supported over HTTP. The application has a built in HTTP server that you can start with the "Start HTTP Server" button. It will be available on all IP addresses the server computer has. In the app, go to "Manage Schemas > Add New" and type in the IP address of the computer as given on the server app. Your schemas should show up. Tap one and tap the download button to download it. You will now be able to enter data with this schema.

Sending Data

Sending data to the server is currentl supported over HTTP and QR codes.

What types of data are supported?

More (such as images support) will come.

Technical Aspects

This platform is developed entirely in C#. I am utilizing Xamarin Forms to develop my UI for all three mobile platforms simultaneously. Communication is done with Protocol Buffers since they are compact and have a simple way to support inheritance within the serialization (because of shared code). Additionally, it allows me to program the deserialization just so that it matches contract.

Cool! When will this be available?

I plan to have a version available on the respective App Stores and for download/install from here before Kickoff.

General Roadmap